Innovatec Sensing & Communication S.L. is an engineering company focused on the research and development of technology devices, systems, advanced textiles, and related services. Innovatec was founded in 2006 by a group of engineers with an extensive background in running R&D projects at national and international level for many years. Since then, the company has established itself as a major player internationally as a developer of high value technologies, working either for private companies or for the public sector.

We have successfully expanded our activities to a wide range of sectors: industrial control & automation, medical devices, advanced textiles, wearable monitoring, environmental monitoring, and ambient assisted living, among others. These activities involve consultancy and project management, custom hardware and software/firmware development, and the development of built-in complete systems and devices The company is often involved in the full life-cycle of a project from conception to completion.

We are committed to innovation, quality, and socio-engineering in our products and technologies. We aim to identify suitable technological and business niches that perfectly match our commitment to developing increasingly innovative products that are in tune with the market needs. This is how we achieve competitive differentiation.

Innovatec is rich in talent, employing mainly engineers, and PhD researchers in the field of ICT, chemistry and social sciencies. Our track record of innovation is demonstrated by a number of patents, research projects, publications, and awards. This increases awareness of the company and enhances our capacity to deliver relevant solutions to customers.

We are aware of how important is to harness effective partnerships with different actors from across the scientific and technological world. This is why we have made a consistent commitment to working in close collaboration with universities, research institutes, or other companies, establishing an extensive international network. This has enabled us to fully develop our potential to deliver products and services with considerable value. Furthermore, this approach to collaboration has allowed us to become more flexible, maximize the benefits, and minimise the risks of engaging with a wide range of ambitious and dynamic projects and meeting the demands of a changing environment.

Our Team:

Our team of researchers and developers is multidisciplinary and includes a number of experts  from multiple areas of knowledge, capable of generating global responses.

Our staff includes university professors, specialist in engineering and social sciences, who remain in close contact with educational research.

Areas of Expertise:

Innovatec works in three key areas of engineering: high performance textiles & nanofinishing, sensing & wireless technologies and mobile applications. Members from these teams combine their knowledge with the social-science researchers to ensure that all our products meet real social/users’ needs with practical applications.


At InnovaTec we make sure that all our high technological products meet social needs previously identified through field-applied research.

“We don’t need to focus just one the best solutions, but also to concentrate in the real problems”.


Contributors: R+D+i

InnovaTec keeps close links with marketing specialists and leading organisations worldwide. We are currently working in partnership with scholars and research centers from all over Europe, India and the United States, generating high impact products with huge market potential.