• MyMate Project

MyMate Project

MyMate: Gamified Collaborative Platform for the Promotion of Sustainable Care and Independent Assisted Living


  • Prometeo Project

Prometeo Project

PROMETEO -Technologies for the comprehensive fight against forest fires and for the preservation of our forests
PROMETEO’s aim was to ensure the preservation of our forests, optimizing the resources available to the government through the […]

  • Tactic: Interface for Deaf-blind People

Tactic: Interface for Deaf-blind People

The TACTIC project resulted in the development of a pioneering method of communication for deaf-blind people consisting of a tactile stimulation device implemented on a glove and the system’s interface glove-computer with all add-ons […]

  • Replay Project

Replay Project

The aim of the REPLAY project was to develop a technology platform game capable of providing young people at risk of social exclusion (mainly due to anti-social behaviour) with a learning environment that would […]

  • Solar Design

Solar Design

The use of photovoltaic (PV) as a decentralized and sustainable energy source is shared by thousands of designers, architects and manufacturers worldwide. Nowadays the development of photovoltaic modules is still mainly driven by economies […]