logo_replayThe aim of the REPLAY project was to develop a technology platform game capable of providing young people at risk of social exclusion (mainly due to anti-social behaviour) with a learning environment that would encourage their reintegration into society.

3d - copiaAlthough applicable to a number of groups at risk of exclusion e.g.  immigrants, children with learning disabilities, retirees etc. REPLAY focuses on the rehabilitation of young people whose behaviour has become a problem for the communities in which they live.

Main project website: http://www.replayproject.eu/

Organizations that conducted this international initiative were: Brainstorm Multimedia SL ( Spain ); Toy Technological Institute ( Spain ), University Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Romania ) White Loop Ltd. (United Kingdom ); Asociacion de Amigos El Cerezo ( Spain ); Asociaţia Română de Asistenţă Psihopedagogică şi Socială si de Promovare a Talentelor- ROTALENT (Rumanía) and Innovatec Sensorization and Communication SL ( Spain ).IMG_0718

Innovatec designed and developed an interactive game platform to address ethic values and behaviour while playing – involving different activities and making choices. This game platform is protected by a patent.

Explanatory video:

Project funded by:    EU and 7th programme logo