Captura de pantalla 2013-12-18 a la(s) 10.35.28The use of photovoltaic (PV) as a decentralized and sustainable energy source is shared by thousands of designers, architects and manufacturers worldwide. Nowadays the development of photovoltaic modules is still mainly driven by economies of scales, developing rigid modules for large surfaces. These PV modules are not suitable to be integrated into building facades, building components, roofing or electrical devices because of its rigidity and electrical constraints. Even companies that could provide a solution (photovoltaic thin film flexible companies) are finding difficulties, due to the high set-up times.

 Our Solar Design project addresses those obstacles via the development of new materials for producing solar cells, new manufacturing processes and a better support system to increase communication throughout the design process. A key technology is to develop an innovative process for monolithic interconnection of thin-film solar cells that will simplify the   production of thin-film modules, making it possible to adjust the essential properties of a PV module without excessive time tuning or set-up.

 Such new PV material will soon be used to design new prototypes like solar-powered devices for charging mobiles, solar-powered lighting, as well as thin-film solar cells for installation in buildings and in smart textiles. INNOVATEC, in collaboration with the company Gaviota, is currently developing a prototype integrated solar awning fabric powering a lighting system embedded in it.

The Solar Design project was financed by:       EU and 7th programme logo