sordoThe TACTIC project resulted in the development of a pioneering method of communication for deaf-blind people consisting of a tactile stimulation device implemented on a glove and the system’s interface glove-computer with all add-ons to ensure usability, ubiquity, convenience and freedom of use for end users to surf the Internet and interact with other people.

 The project was carried out by a consortium of Indra Software Labs, Polytechnic University of Valencia and INNOVATEC

Innovatec was in charge of the ergonomic assessment and usability with the end users.

 TACTIC meant a big step forward for the deaf-blind collectives in their effort to communicate with the outside world. We succeeded in developing a tactile stimulation device embedded on a glove plus the system’s interface glove-computer, based on the Malossi alphabet which is well suited for integration with electro stimulation. Our future plan is to address other alphabet interfaces used by deaf-blind people.


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Project funded by:        FEDER_logo ministerio-y-plan-avanza-2