Project Description

CITY APP is a digital city guide application

filled with lots of dynamic resources that highlight the very best any city has to offer.

Suitable for Android and iPhone devices, CityApp is easy to use on the go and simple to be set up (by public entities and/or private tourist promoters). It comes with manageable contents about the latest events in town, the best shops, hotels, restaurants and attractions, to make the most of anybody’s trip.


– Calendar constantly updated with the major city events.
– Connecting with the Facebook Wall of the city to share experiences.
– Guide path layer to get to places quickly and safely.
– “Historic City” section with detailed historical info.
– Exhaustive information on accommodation, restaurants, shops and services.

InnovaTec has developed different applications for the U.S. market, including the City App of the village of Wheeling and the Museum of the Civil War in West Virginia.


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