Project Description

SCUTUM gives textiles extra repellency properties against mosquitoes

and is an effective prevention method against malaria and dengue.

Scutum is a microencapsulated product whose chemical composition, based on an organic complex of anionic character, houses an active mosquito repellent ingredient that will be gradually released to the environment by friction. This product is totally safe and effective.

Scutum was an ambitious research project developed together with our Indian partners thanks to the economical support granted by the CDTI within the ISIP Programme. The aim of this project was the development of a highly durable mosquito repellent textile product that could also prevent from malaria and dengue in tropical countries.

The final product was tested by Vicente Ferrer Group, obtaining a reduction of mosquito bites of as much as -67%.

This Innovatec project received the Co-operative award to the best Hispanic-Indian project by the Spanish Vice President’s Office.

Final Uses of Scutum


Scutum can be applied on any textile support such as clothing, bed linen, mosquito nets, camping tents, upholstery or curtains, either during the industrial finishing process, through spraying or in domestic washing. The Sctum Technology is currently being commercialized in exclusivity in India and it is available for commercial and industrial use in other countries.

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