PROMETEO -Technologies for the comprehensive fight against forest fires and for the preservation of our forests

PROMETEO’s aim was to ensure the preservation of our forests, optimizing the resources available to the government through the development of engineering technologies which minimize the risk of forest fires and mitigate environmental damage. Furthermore, the results of this project will open the door to new developments  to minimize the impact of large forest fires while maximizing the possibilities of extinguishing and guaranteeing the safety of the fire fighters, both in our country and in other Mediterranean countries who suffer these common environmental problems.

The business consortium that has conducted the project consisted of : Inaer Helicopters ( Coordinator) , Hispasat , Indra Espacio , Indra Software Labs, Deimos Space Elecnor, Telvent Sneider , Expace Maxam, Geacam , Vaersa , Isdefe, Inaer Maintenance , Aries Ingeniería , Tecnosylva , Brainstorm Multimedia and Innovatec .

The role of Innovatec was to improve the feeding systems used by GPS location sensors so as to create more robust, accurate and reliable tracking devices to be used by firefighting personnel in adverse conditions.

In the framework of the Prometeo project, INNOVATEC has developed some functional tracking devices that are connected to a system for monitoring vital signs ( heart rate , body temperature and CO2 level ) – allowing continuous individual tracking of each fire-fighter battling a wildfire. This system helps prevent health issues and the firefighters getting lost when separated from the group. Knowing their position and physiological parameters will reduce the number of accidents, ensuring the firefighting personnel will not put their lives to any unnecessary risk.

Project video:

Project funded by:  CDTI-Centro-para-el-Desarrollo-Tecnologico-Industrial